Thursday, June 09, 2005

My first race

So now you know all about me, and now that I am settled in at Jono's yard, it's time I started racing. Which I did, last Tuesday, May 31st at the Greyhound theatre of dreams, Walthamstow.

My day started with a surprise. There I was, over breakfast, having just finished my crunchy nut, moving onto toast with an espresso in my hand (on raceday, I know! Don't tell Jono!) when I saw my name in the Racing Post. I was there in black and white - Flying Frank, in the 9.03, trap 4. Rock on! These are the sorts of days you dream about as a dog and I wanted to put on a good show, particularly as my owners were coming down.

The next few hours were a blur - a procession of massages, last minute preparations, bandages, some lady fun (always good on raceday), old 'mates' coming out of the woodwork asking for tickets...You know the drill. Anyway, I was just focused on the race and soon enough 9.03 arrived. I got a little walk down the track, then was put in the starting cage. At this point I was focused. On one thing only. That bloody rabbit. I use a technique called visualisation, taught to me by old mate Bobby Davro. He would be a hopeless, failed comedian without it, let me tell you.

And we were off. Racing. The wind in my hair, going round the first corner and....I got bumped! Some hound hit me! At this point I was last but I really wanted to put on a show for my owners so I steadily made ground on the rest, caught up and, at the finish post....I had come in second! Fantastic. Not only had I turned in a place in my first race - with a starting price of 8-1 - but I had also scooped a massive £27 in prize money for my owners. Not that I'll be seeing any love from the money-grabbing, penny-pinching....ahhhh, relaxxxxxx

After the race my owners from Frank PR came down to see me in the kennels. They seemed alright, but wanted to stroke me and stuff and I don't really think that a top-class sportsman should be treated like that, do you? They also made some jokes about them wanting me to Winalot of races. They nearly got a bite on the nuts for that, I can tell you, but Jono says I have to behave myself in front of the corporate suits. Something about 'paying for the holiday home in Marbella'.

So there you have it - race one and second place. I am next on on Saturday 9th June in the 8.49. Pop down if you like or wish me a message of good luck on here - it all helps. You never know, soon I might be a famous dog, gracing the covers of celebrity magazines. A dog on Heat, if you like.


Peace. Love. Woof.

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