Monday, June 13, 2005

Race 2 - Saturday 11th June

So as most of you know, I ran in my second professional race on Saturday night, the 8.39 at Walthamstow - and what a complete, unmitigated disaster it was.

I had it all planned. I would stroll up to Walthamstow, flirt with a couple of ladies, down a quick bevvy in the bar followed by Scampi and chips and then make my way down to the track. From there, I would power to my first win, pose for a picture with my owners and then paint the town red with my good mates Robbie from Eastenders (I know him through my close pal Wellard) and Barry Chuckle. We were on the VIP list at Faces nightclub in Ilford and it promised to be a stormer.

What actually happened was a bit different. When I got on the track, all I could hear was "Flying Frank! I'm gonna bet on Flying Frank!" from the punters and that made me a little nervous. All of a sudden the Bobby Davro visualisation technique went out of the window and I felt very uneasy. With a starting price of 10-3, I was slow out of the traps and from there I never really recovered. My owners think I got bumped on the first corner, and whilst Jono has told me to keep to that official line, the truth is I never really got over a dodgy Rogan Josh I had the night before. I was out with an "ex Hollyoaks actress" (That's all I'm saying - a gentleman never kisses and tells!) and I think I overdid it. I eventually came in fourth and my owners from Frank PR - who love me as a dog and not just as a novelty, oh no - were out of there quick smart. No photos, no "Frank, you're the Dog's Bo****ks", none of that.

When I got home, Jono hit the woof. He told me that I need to get my head down and cut out the celebrity excesses. Some of my mates were a little nicer. My current squeeze tried to cheer me up by telling me that 'Rome wasn't built in a day". True - but then I am Irish and has an Irish builder ever been later delivering a job? I don't think so.

Hey ho - I will learn from this and do better next time. I will keep you updated on my next race - in the meantime, please continue to post me messages - it cheers me up, particularly as I can see a vet coming over here with a rubber glove on his hand. Also, thanks to those who have posted already - it's good to hear from you.

Speak soon.


Peace. Love. Woof.

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