Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Saturday night - Armageddon

Another race, another failure for me. I came fifth on Saturday night which means my professional racing record so far reads: 2nd, 4th, 5th. This isn't good and I am terrier-fied.

I don't quite know what the problem is - it could be that I am burning the midnight oil a bit too much (I did do a personal appearance at Jumpin Jaks in Carlisle this week) but I don't think so. It could also be that I am paying a bit too much attention to the ladies - some bitch broke my heart a few days ago - but I don't think it's that either. Maybe it's the company that I am keeping (Snoop Dog is an old pal) - I just don't know. What I do know is that if I don't pull my socks up and start performing I will be appearing at a barbecue near you soon. Marinated.

Jono said it's time to put the past behind me and look forward. He has booked me into a race this Thursday (23rd June) and its over a longer distance, which he said might suit me better. He is being quite kind to me, although he does keep telling me to get it together to 'squeeze more from the eejits' at Frank PR who own me. I am not sure what an eejit is, or why they need squeezing, but Jono has a really nice sports car and I think they assist him with that in some way.

So there you have it - I am a bit down this week. I haven't really been performing and it's time I delivered. See you on Thursday - wish me luck!

Peace. Love. Woof.


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