Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Welcome to my Blog - Introduction, June 2005

Hello everyone,

So let me tell you what this is all about. My name is Flying Frank and I am real, live, racing Greyhound. I am owned by the ladies and gentleman at Frank PR. Let me tell you, it doesn't make you feel so good to keep being told that you are 'owned' by someone, I might end up consulting my union about it - but I digress. Anyway, the deal works like this - they brought me over here from Ireland (more about that later), sent me to John Coleman's place (more about him later too) and now I run every few days at Walthamstow dog track. Here's my quick guide to the movers and shakers in my life so far:

Me & my background

I was born and bred in Ireland and have only actually been living in the UK for a couple of months now. I guess you could say I fit all the usual stereotypes of a young Irish male - I'm young, brash, like a Guinness, am up for the craic and go down a storm with the ladies. I'm also big mates with the other fellas on the Irish celebrity circuit - Bono, Ronan Keating, Frank Carson and Gerry Adams are all personal friends and I even had a pyjama party with Brian from Big Brother recently. That was weird.

My birth name was actually Ard Highway, but the fellas at Frank PR soon saw to that and made me change my name. They told me it would be like a stage name and that it was because I was special. I didn't really believe them, so they offered to give me Pedigree chunks rather than the Tesco value stuff and the deal was sealed.

Coming to the UK

After doing my doggie apprenticeship in Ireland I was brought over to the UK by a trainer called John Coleman. I know what you're thinking. Is this Jono Coleman, the tubby aussie, radio DJ, media personality and former celebrity dad of the year? No it's not. It's just an Irish fella with the same name.

So John brought me to his yard and that's where I spend my days, eating, training and romancing the ladies. Let me tell you, there are some honeys round here! John is an excellent trainer and I know he thinks I can go onto better things. He only has my best interest at heart and is always on the phone to my owners. After he ends each call, he always laughs for a while and then shouts "One born every minute!". I'm not sure what this means but I think it's a good thing.

My life is good fun and as well as being a greyhound, I like to do what I can with my spare time. As any top-level sportsman will tell you, you have big chunks of time to fill in between training and I like to keep myself busy. I like to read, watch a bit of TV and chill out with a nice bowl of water while listening to music. I am also currently learning French (again, the ladies love this). I recently saw an advert on TV for LearnDirect where they offer computer courses, which is the reason I now have this blog. Whilst I wouldn't say I am brilliant on the computer, it's not bad for a dog is it?!

This blog

Unfortunately, John is calling me out to train and has a lovely, juicy rabbit in his hand so I have to go. Some of the other fellas claim it's a fake rabbit but I reckon they are just annoyed cos they can never catch it. One day I will and I will devour the elusive bugger whole.

So I have got to go - I will keep you up to date with my racing career. In the meantime, please feel free to to add your comments, ask questions and keep updated with whatever you like.


Peace. Love. Woof.

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