Monday, July 25, 2005

The life of a winner

Hello Fans,

I am loving life, people.

I am Da Dogs Danglies.

Forget these loser mutts who go through life winning the odd race. I have just won my first race and believe me, the sky is now the limit. Whilst the endorsement deals are being dealt with by the peasants at Frank PR (who, surprise of all surprises, came and visited me after my win - hadn't seen you for a few weeks!), I am free to go out and meet my adoring public - I mean, lets face it: Without the race fans who literally worship the track I run on, there would be no greyhound industry and therefore no Flying Frank. A real tragedy.

No sooner had I won my last race, and I was inundated with the usual requests. One such opportunity that I took up was to party hard with my good pal, Lady Isabella Hervey (who you can see above). The 'new face' of Playboy UK visited me with her doggie friend Chloe (who you can see was just a teeny tiny bit jealous of the rapport that me and Izzy share!). We had a great day together - we got our hare done together and then went for a drink at the Kensington Woof Gardens. I was glad we spent a day chatting - it feels like the entire pupulation of Great Britain is after me and it was good to speak to someone who understands the pressures of celebrity fame (and to spend some time with Isabella too).

However, I am now back in training and preparing for my next race. Talking of which, this occurs this Thursday night, at the Stow, at 8.11 pm. It is called the Gala Russell Square Casino Puppy Stayers race, although personally I do my gambling on The race comes with a prize of £200 and a trophy for the winner. Although I am in trap 1, it is an open race (meaning any Tom, Dick or Rover can compete) and over a longer distance, so I am being optimistically cautious.

I have had a great week and your calls and emails have really been a joy. Please don't be offended if I don't pick up your call - I am very cautious and always check my collar-ID first. I promised I would put a selection on, so here they are, including a message from my good friend Tim Campbell, the winner of TV's Apprentice.

These all came through via emailing me at . Please do the same, I appreciate every bit of encouragement I get.

So that's it, read and enjoy and I will see you Thursday! Don't forget to email me -

P.S - Must say 'hello' to my good friend Lynne who is a waitress at The Crown & Goose. I told you I would mention you!

That'll do for now,

Peace. Love. Woof.

-----Original Message-----
From: Timothy Campbell
To: Flying Frank
Subject: Good one mate!

Double F

Well what can I say? Brilliant news about your first win. It was just a
matter of time. After I saw you come second last Saturday I knew you could
do it! Shame I wasn't there to witness it first hand but I'm sure there
will be others.

Now from one winner to another everyone will be on you to tear open
envelopes and attend celebrity dos (hold out for your VIP pass to Crufts!!)
but my advice is to stick with the guys at Frank PR as they will sort you
out and look after you as they have me.

We'll have to do lunch mate. The bones are on me!
Take care. Enjoy.


FF says: Known to me as TC (but not to you, got that?!), it was really cool to get this email. Top Cat is a diamond geezer and I can't wait till we meet up for a bevvy soon.

The other two emails are also very sweet (Pipa and Goldie, you are joining my ever increasing Bevvy of bitches.)

-----Original Message-----
From: Pipa Unsworth
To: Flying Frank
Subject: Woofing Brilliant!!

Can't believe you did it! have been waiting so long for this moment! When I heard it was like a dream come true! I partied till the early hours of the morning in celebration!
Keep up the good work.looking forward to your next race.

Flying Frank - a legend in the making!
Keep it real.

FF says: Cheers Pippa, can't wait to see you soon. But please stop with the heavy breathing phone calls at 4am - little bit unsettling.

-----Original Message-----
From: Goldie The Dog
To: Flying Frank
Subject: You're my hero FF! I love you!

Dear Flying Frank,
You are the bestest dog ever, even better than Lassie and Snoopy! You are my
hero! I love you.

I read your blog everyday, over and over again, and love to hear your funny
stories. Oh, they make me....

**** web editor note - the following 1578 words have been dogleted from site due to explicit content****

Please write back and let me know. I would love to meet you in person.
Peace. Love (you). Woof.

FF says: Blimey, that's a bit close to the bone! Will still probably take you out though - any things another notch on the kennel door isn't it?