Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bark & Ryde

Well it hasn't been a very easy time for me lately. Although I am remaining positive, the situation I find myself in is annoying. When you are a top class professional athlete, it really hurts when you can't do what you do best. OK - what I do second best (we all know what I do best, don't we chicas?).

Luckily though, a good buddy of mine has been in touch and it has really helped lift me while I am on the 'rest list'. Above, you can see my good friend, TV's Anna Ryder Richardson, who has taken time out of her Changing Rooms schedule to drop me a line. As well as being an interior decorator, The Ryde-ster is like a lifestyle guru to me - she doesn't allow me to gloss over any situation (she prefers a matt finish) and although she is as daft as a brush, she has a real energetic (white) spirit about her. Full of integrity as well - I know she would never take a backhander or any sort of bung (alow). We have only once had a falling out - and that was all my asphalt.

Anyway, although her wishes are nice to hear, my next race is still a while off. Jono has suggested I relax for a few days. I am chasing my tail round here, so I might head down to my favourite watering hole, the Walk-about in Hyde Bark, for a pint of Volvic (since my two wins, I don't do tap water no more). I will update you on my activities in my next posting.

One last thing - you may be interested to know that I was on the racecard at the Stow on Saturday night, despite everyone knowing that I was out of action (they announced I had 'withdrawn' minutes before the race). hmmmm....wonder why they kept the news from my adoring public? In future, make sure you log on here for all the news, straight from the horses mouth (well not horse, dog you understand, but....oh, you get it.)

OK, I'm outee - don't forget to go to the Sun webchat!

Peace. Love. Woof.


P.S - shout out to my good pal FB - enjoy catching those rays on the bitch!

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