Friday, August 19, 2005

Battered and bruised

Before I came into the world of professional sport, I'd always heard athletes say that the worst part of their job is being injured.

Well guess what? Here I am laid up in my kennel....injured.

You can see from my last posting at whose paws the blame lies, but I'm not one to bear grudges. 'Let sleeping dogs lie' is my motto.

After getting home the other night from my race I felt OK. I watched the football. England were rubbish, but the Denmark players were useful, great Danes you could say.

But I woke up feeling very very different. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and took my usual stroll to my favourite tree to do what boy dogs do to start the day. I could hardly walk. I was in absolute bloody agony. I limped back to the yard, hobbled towards my kennel and then Jono appeared, he could see something was badly wrong.

The vet came round asap and gave me a full once over. As usual I couldn't stop myself giggling when he asked me to cough. He took Jono to one side and they chatted in the corner out of ear shot. I feared that Jono and the vet would come back over and say the words that strike fear into the heart of every greyhound - "I think it would be best if we helped you have a little sleep now...." It would be fair to say I was Shih Tzu'ing myself.

They didn't (hence this blog still has a dog). It turns out I'm sore, bruised, have muscle damage and perhaps a tear.

Jono has put me on what's known in the greyhound racing business as 'the rest list.' Basically that means no training (or racing) and lots of massages for the next couple of weeks.

I'm going to be dead bored so any messages of support would be greatly appreciated. I will also be very busy answering all your questions in my webchat with The Sun Online, so please click onto the link here:,,3-2005370601,00.html

Don't worry fans, I see this injury as only a blip in my racing career, a minor spaniel in the works as they say. I'll be back.

Peace. Love. Woof.


(PS. I've asked Jono if I can have my massages at the same place Wayne Rooney has his.)

(PPS. I've been asked to say allegedly about the above PS.)

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