Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Triple F challenge

Hey People,

Well, the entries are in, counted and verified by our judges and the results are posted below. You will remember last week I challenged you all to send in your questions to me, the dog with a blog. I had a huge response from all the members of the Triple F club and the winner is.......my good friend Tatum! Your email really touched my heart and you win a special prize - I will email you soon with the details.

For the rest of you, you can take up the next Flying Frank challenge. The cute picture above was sent to me via my good friend Goldie the Dog, which gave me the inspiration for the next task. I want your photo messages! please send your visual memorandum of goodwill to me at flyingfrank@frankpr.it and I will print the best one!

In the meantime, enjoy this week's challenge results below...

Peace. Love. Woof.


-----Original Message-----
From: Pipa Unsworth
To: Flying Frank
Subject: Ask Frank

Dear FF,
Is Frank short for anything…Francis? Francesco? Or is it just Frank?


Pipa (short for Philippa)

FF Says: You may have seen my posting last week Pipa, in which case it will come as no surprise to you that Frank is short for Francophile, as in 'an admirer of France and everything French'. I love everything about the country. I did witness an accident once though - when I was there a man jumped into the river. He was later declared in Seine.

-----Original Message-----
From: Charlotte Hickson
To: Flying Frank

Frank - do you have a good hangover cure? Maybe you'll suggest "hare of the
dog" but it just doesn't seem to work for me. Had a fairly heavy weekend
and still struggling today. Any help very happily accepted.
Charl x

FF Says: Chas, Many thanks for nicking my gag there - do it again and I will ban you from the site. Only kidding! Kind of.

Seriously, I would simply recommend taking a headache tablet. Don't try and buy it near the Zoo though - the parrots-eat-'em-all.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jon Tuchband
To: Flying Frank
Subject: A Question for the dog

Dear Frank...

I often like to psyche myself up before competing in various strong man events by listening to some tunes . I was wondering, what sort of tunes gets you going...?
Would it be something like...
'Ain't nothing but hounddog'? Something by 'Snoop'...or maybe even the prodigy in 'Smack by B*tch up'??


Loyal fan

FF Says: Jon - I have wide musical tastes from Grrrrrrr een Day to Doggie Williams to Yazz and the plastic Pupulation. I also enjoy chilling out to a little Bark once in a while and I enjoy the theatre - my favourite musical is Hare. My favourite musician of all time is the Red hot Chilli Peppers guitarist, Flea, and obviously my number one track is Walthamstow.

-----Original Message-----
From: marc@loftfashion [mailto:marc@loftfashion.com]
To: Flying Frank
Subject: question

What is the secret to your success???
Marc, in South Africa

FF Says: thanks for the question Marc.

The Secret of my Success is, of course. a 1987 film starring Michael J Fox as Brantley Foster (aka Carlton Whitfield). A young scamp from the country, Brantley comes to the big city looking for a job and ends up coping off with his bosses wife instead! Thought you'd catch me out there did you?!

-----Original Message-----
From: Charlie Greig
To: Flying Frank
Subject: dear frank,

dear flying frank

i heard about you winning the dog racing cup. well done frank! i hope your great moment of fame was all you hoped it to be. im sure you will win all of the races you are in in the future. i would love to come to see you win the trophy in the next race you are in. you are possibly the best dog that there is. you are so cool.

what is your favourite park?

lots of love tatum

FF Says: Tatum - It's really nice to hear from you. Your words are very kind - and you know what? I think you might be the youngest member so far of the Triple F club (Friends of Flying Frank) - of course this makes you very special and my number one fan!

To answer your question, I always have safety in mind and so in this day and age the place I prefer is a multi storey car bark.

-----Original Message-----
From: Gemma Witcoop
To: Flying Frank
Subject: Hello the flyer

It was lovely to hear about your family life, it really brought a tear to my eye, you are just like your father, and I think that’s wonderful. It’s almost a shame that you couldn’t put some music on your blog during certain parts. I could hear the soft, melodic music in my head when reading about your life!

Anyway, I have a question.

Now that you are a celebrity are you only friends with famous people or are you in touch with your old pals too? Maybe you keep in touch with them on the old dog and bone?

Keep up the good work the flyer

Peace, love, woof

FF Says: Gemma, the same applies to you re: nicking my gags. Don't do it again.

However, you sound a particularly attractive young lady and so I am only too happy to answer. Despite all my celebrity pals, there is absolutely no danger of me displaying any diva like traits - no matter what happens, I will always keep my feet on the hound.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Cornell
To: Flying Frank

Flying Frank,

Hello my name is Wolfgang. I'm a German shepherd but now living in Barking. I have just made a TV appearance in France on "Kennel Plus".

I would really love to mate with you.

What do you think? Half man half dog?

Not seen since lynn Faulds Wood stopped presenting Watchdog.
Fancy a rut mutt?
Wolfie x

FF Says: Good to hear from you. I remember Barking from a while back - good place, but I prefer my pad down on the Isle of dogs now. Seems like you enjoy a bit of TV too...I mainly prefer the big screen myself. K:9 with Kevin Spacey was my favourite film of recent years. Also a big fan of football - I think Didier Dogba and Jermain Dogfoe will have great seasons this year.

In terms of meeting, you may have misheard - I am a GREY-hound.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: richiesta informazioni.

Dove posso trovare i frigoriferi portatili della Amstrad nella zona di Venezia ?

FF Says: Silvestro, Io posso dare solamente consiglio su correre, non su fridges Lei la ciambella.

Pace. Con amore. Abbai.

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