Friday, August 12, 2005

Well, the details for my next race are in and my good friend Teddy Sheringham - or Shezza as I know him - came round the other day to wish me luck. Throughout his career, the Spurs & Man Utd legend has never been too busy to show his devotion to dogs, as you can see from his message here.

There should be a big turnout on Tuesday and because Jono has rested me for the week - he said he didn't want me to get dogged down with the never ending cycle of training and running - I feel as fit as a fiddle. What you need to know is:

Tuesday night, 16th August at The stow

Race 13 (unlucky for some)

22.20 (I'm only a puppy, its a bit late!)

The Give A Stow Dog A Home Stakes (catchy I know)

640 metres

Trap 1 (mmmm....trap 1)

£160 to the winner (blow it all at Charlie Chan's after) + Trophy (now you're talking).

I know my owners are going - if you are popping down let me know! Also, don't forget to send your pics and emails to

Peace. Love. Woof.

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