Sunday, September 18, 2005

Comeback race

Well, it was a good runout at least.

Following my injury, I had my comeback race the other day and the main aim - for me to come through unscathed - was achieved. A clear night at The Stow, the beer was flowing, the scampi and chips plentiful and the conditions perfect. Bit of a pity the stadium wasn't full - but then it's always quiet on a Tuesday. I felt pretty good on my way to the track and even though Little Dave the handler wasn't with me (he's only part-time), at least Jono my trainer was there with my owners from Frank PR (see picture - Jono's the one in the tie).

So the hare came round, the traps flew open and to be honest I didn't get a great start. I staggered, stumbled a bit and eventually found my line. I think that's known as a 'Pete Doherty'. I was a fair bit behind but, save for a little knock on one of the bends, I felt strong and I felt good as I crossed the line in third place. Not too concerned - like I said before, I just wanted to get back on track.

It now promises to be a very busy week which, naturally, I will keep you pupdated on. Please go to and if you've already done that, check out my webchat with my pals at The Sun Online -,,3-2005430009,00.html .

Have a good week people.

Peace. Love. Woof.



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