Friday, October 07, 2005

Hat trick

Hello people,

Firstly, if you have come here for the Rachel Stevens competition (mmm....Rachel Stevens), then fear not, it is still up and running. Scroll down below and get your answers in quick smart to Whilst you're at it, make sure you sign my petition at .

Enough of Rachel then, and more about me, me, me. Last night I flew to my third victory as a professional race dog and I am as happy as Larry. There really isn't that much to tell you about the race itself - I came, I saw and I conquered. Whilst I wasn't in the lead from the off (I still have a 'trapping' problem where I don't start as best as I could), it was a controlled performance even if I do say so myself. Never in doubt, the bookies fancied me too with many of them only offering evens on The Flyer.

The best thing was that it was a trophy race with £100 for the winner. That's what happens when you power to victory in the Sargasso Sea Restaurant Stakes which, for your information, is widely acclaimed as the 'best fish restaurant' in Winchmore Hill, er, I mean the UK. Run by my good friends Dawn and John, they run a steady ship there. Let me tell you, it is the plaice to go to if you want good fish. Oh my cod - you just won't believe the quality so you should try and mussel your way in if you can. When I went there I was feeling a bit under the weather. I was suffering from a cold and a Haddock but I was so glad I went - definitely my Kipper tea. I'm not really a modest bloke - infact some say I'm a bit shellfish but I just have to share with you how good the food is here and how helpful and friendly the Starf(ish) are.

What's more, after my win I got presented with a lovely clock as a trophy, which means not only am I winner but a punctual one too! Actually, the clock doesn't exactly work, but it is right twice a day at least. Enjoy the picture above - it's of my owner, me, the trophy and Dave the part-time handler. Please don't ask why I have that startled look on my face. Safe to say I am in talks with my lawyers.

So there you have it - I am back doing what I do best and that is winning races. There have been some very dark moments in the last few weeks.

They said I couldn't come back from an injury like that.

They said my best days where behind me.

They said I would be glue soon.

And that was just the other dogs in the yard.

I've heard before that when the chips are down you can only rely on your family. Well it's true and I dedicate this victory to the people who helped me through this difficult time - Jono, the chaps at Frank PR, Rachel Stevens (yummy yummy in my tummy) but most importantly, Dave the part-timer.

Am gonna have a blinder of a weekend now - have a good one yourselves and chat soon.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

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Chris Williamson said...

good work frank! :)