Monday, October 03, 2005

Rach for the stars (and WIN! - read on...)

OK, so another top notch celebrity and Friend of Flying Frank has got behind me, as shown on the left. This is a note from none other than Rachel Stevens (or The Stevie Wonder, as I call her) who visited the Stow last week and sent me this message to let me know that we are still friends.

It reads "Dear Flying Frank, Sorry I missed you, next time maybe. Lots of love - Rachel." To tell you the truth, whilst we have always got on famously, we did have a bit of a barney a while back and I SAID NEVER AGAIN (coincidentally, the name of Rachel's new single, out today and easily downloadable from ) but she called me up and told me to COME AND GET IT (That's the name of her new album, coming to an HMV - the doggie on their logo is an old pal of mine - near you on 17th Oct). I thought best to leave it though - lovely girl, but let's just stay good friends. The Puppyrazzi would have a field day and always be on our tail and I don't think it's fair to get Rachel mixed up in my complicated celebrity lifestyle. Let's leave those memories in the past.


Anyway, because we are still such good pals, The Stevie Wonder has given me a signed copy of her new album to give away to a Friend of Flying Frank (Triple F). To win, you just need to do the following:

1) Go to and sign up to my campaign. This is an online petition to save Walthamstow dog track from closure - you know Rachel would want you to.

2) Once you have done that, send an email to , with the subject title 'mmmm....Rachel Stevens...'

Include your name, age, address and complete the following tie-breaker:

If Rachel Stevens knocked on my front door I would.....

Okey-dokey, I have to go now. Jono has got me training in a minute (we are thinking either Thursday or Saturday for the next race) and I can see a luvverly laydee up against a tree....ahem, best wishes to all my Jewish triple F's - Happy New Year.

I will speak to you all very soon.

P.S. - One of the youngest Triple F's, Isaac Beech, has had a tough few days and I wanted to give an extra special big shout out to him and all the doctors and nurses at Wythenshaw Hospital. Isaac is only eight years old and is a real brave lad. The Flyer hopes you get better soon mate.

Peace. Love. Woof.


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