Monday, November 14, 2005

Ray-king it in

As you could probably tell, I was like a dog with two chicks after my victory last Saturday night. I blew the others out of the water - see ya later Tipsy Tarquin, eat mustard! Every victory is a special one, but this was especially sweet as it was from the dreaded trap 2. As you know, I start shaking when they hand me that blue jacket, so I was stoked that I could pull it out of the bag.

Because of that I have decided to take it easy this week, hence no racing and no blog postings. Instead, I decided to go oop north and see a good mate of mine, footballer Ray Parlour (pictured). We always go out on a bender whenever possible (Escapades in Darlington is our favourite haunt) and when we are together, people call us the Poodle Parlour. Seriously, the man is a Ray of sunshine in this little doggies life, although now he is in the North East, we just don't get the Tyne to see each other anymore. He always Rayses my expectations that we might get to have a sherbert together, but it is not a as frequent as when he was at Arsenal. Still, I know he is in good hands up there at Boro as my close pals Bark Viduka and Ugo Ehidog are there to take care of him. I also had some good buddies at the club when Terrier Venables was the manager and going back in time, when they used to play at Ayeresome Bark, which is why I always look for their results.

As you know by now, I am big, big, big mates with some seriously famous footballing folk. However, one of my good buddies in the game, Flying Frank Lampard, has so far been quiet on the old messaging front - come on agents in the field! Let's get hold of the original Frankster and get his message. As for other 'slebs, they have literally been flying in and I will put them all up as often as possible (we only have dial up at the Kennels, see).

I am chilling from racing for a few days - you have probably noticed that I have not competed this week - and while resting, I have been asked alot about various rumours. One such story that has surfaced concerns whether I am going to go out on the road, away from the stow, and emBark on a Nationwide tour. Whilst I can't comment specifically on these stories, what I can say is that I am planning to go out on the road, away from the stow, and emBark on a nationwide tour.

More to follow on all this, but need to go now.

Couple of shout-outs:

- A massive 'big up yourself' to agent in the field Eldridge for your continued support for the campaign. You are a gent, sir!

- A huge 'hare is approaching' shout-out to agent in field Jacobs for your recent contribution. You are a lady, madam!

That's all folks - keep up the good work.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

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