Monday, January 09, 2006

Bigger, better & badder for ' 06

Hello to all my lovely, wonderful, fans. I hope you had a superb holiday season and are geared up for a great 2006 (or two thousand and chicks as I am calling it).

For me, the year has got off to a tremendous start. First of all, I got this brilliant message from my youngest fan, a little bonny, bouncing cherub called Leni Zetter. Leni (she lets me address her by her full name, Leonard) was only six weeks old when this picture was taken, has really helped me with my rehabilitation. With her simple gesture, she has taken me back to my inner child. Subliminally, she has sent me the encouragement I have been looking for: "Just run like a young child, The Flyer, be free like me and you can do it.'

And Lo and behold, the minute I take on her advice, things start to look up.

As you know, I wasn't a very happy bunny (mmmm, bunny) in the last part of 2005. I was stuck in the BAGS (Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service) and I was on a one-way ticket to Battersea. But Leni's message changed all that. It made me face up to my problems and act more like a dog, not a puppy. So I had it out with Jono, my trainer. I sat him down and tenderly explained to him that if he didn't get me out of the BAGS and back onto the night races at The Stow then I would become particularly 'friendly' with his entire roster of female greyhounds. He knows my reputation - and you can guess the rest.

I did have a couple more BAGS races at the end of the month, but I made my comeback on the big stage as a late replacement on the 30th December. I came second, but knew that I was feeling good. And then, for the first time in over four weeks, I was back racing proper on a Saturday night at The Stow.

Now, I don't like the winter too much, but I wanted to turn on the style a little bit for my fans. Although I came third, I posted the fastest time of my career in the race (29.40 secs) and I was well chuffed. Infact, so high was the standard that the winner, Spoofy Doo, posted the quickest time at Walthamstow this quarter. Anyway, I may not have won....BUT I'M BACK BABY! That's right, I have returned to the evening circuit and the only thing I need to do is make sure I stay there.

Well, there are two things really. I also need to take one of the female dogs at the kennels to a doctor I know who can 'sort out' problems before Jono finds out. Don't tell him, I'll know it was you.

Onwards and upwards then. We are going to start back up soon with even more celeb pictures and crazy postings from my celebrity life, so make sure that, during the forthcoming Year of the Dog, you keep tuned to !

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

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