Sunday, February 12, 2006

Three's the magic number

Phewwweeee. You may have noticed that I haven't written a blog posting for about 10 days or so now....well that's only because I've flippin well been racing non-stop, isn't it? I've been as hectic as a red light bulb salesman in Amsterdam, I tell you.

So before I explain the photo above, here are my results in the last ten days:

27th Jan (Walthamstow) - I know I have told you about this one, but I came in first

6th Feb (The 'Stow again) - First

8th Feb (Harlow) - You've guessed it Chicas, I came in first yet again

As you would imagine, I am absolutely overjoyed at this somewhat purple patch in my career. You will see above that there is a photo message from my good friend and former Olympic gold medalist, Linford Christie (or The 'Ford as I call him). I am not ashamed to admit that The 'Ford has been behind my recent revival and it is down to him that I am turning it round.

He's a good lad, Linford, and he calls me his little Chumpion. He encourages me not to become Dogged down in all the hullabaloo that surrounds my races but just focus...and when the traps open, run like the clappers! He actually called me last night and told me that I am reminding him of his form in 1992-3, when he scooped both Olympic and World Golds. That may be so Linford, but you didn't get the pick of the bunch at Charlie Chan's Discotheque, did you mate? No Sally Gunnell for me!

Ahem, back to work now, methinks.

Keep well people - I reckon I will be racing this week, so will keep you posted.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

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