Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vaughan and Bred

Hiya - I won't lie to you, it aint a great time for me right now. For some reason, I'm not racing which, as well as meaning I am stagnating and not earning any money, it also means I don't have too much to write about on my blog.

I'm pretty down at the moment, I tell you - luckily though an old Pedigree chum of mine, England Cricket Captain Michael Vaughan, popped a message in the other day - you can see it in the picture, "You're a Vaughn winner", it says. Interestingly, he can't spell his own surname. Even so, me and the Vaughan-meister go along way back - we often sit around chewing the fat, sinking a few pints and taking the Michael out of people. He's a Vaughan winner that boy is and...and I can't say too much here...he certainly knows how to bowl a maiden over! He never seems to know where he is going though....sorry, the details are classified, but put it this way - his Dography is awful!

At least he has a left a message of encouragement which, in these hard times, is like manor from heaven for a mutt like can also keep them coming to

I hope and pray with all my heart that the next time I write I can tell you of news about my next race...fingers, toes, paws, everything crossed.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

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