Friday, November 16, 2007

Ruud boy

Yo Flying Fans,

Hope you are all OK, as for me, well it's a pretty slow life these days. I am just chilling my boots in my home in Middlesex with my fellow doggies. Nothing like being a racing greyhound. I do sometimes reminisce about the days when Jono Coleman, my erstwhile trainer, would come round with the mustard, give me a little rub and off I went. Now, no such luck - although there was some talk of overseas travel, it didn't quite transpire in the way I had hoped. I got down to the final 50 celebs for 'I'm a celebrity', alongside Bubble from Big Brother, Floella Benjamin and Orville out of Keith and Orville. It didn't quite happen for me though and the Producers didn't select me in the - something about having enough dogs in there already?

Anyway, I was pretty devastated with that so I decided to go abroad anyway for some R & R. I headed to LA where I knew I would be able to see alot of my old homeboys. Of course, I couldn't possibly comment as to whether I saw David Beckenham, LA's most famous resident...but seeing as he used to be a glass collector at Walthamstow and I used to race at they say in LA, you do the math! Anyway, what I can tell you is whilst I was there I did bump into my old chum Ruud Gullit, who is now manager of the LA Galaxy. You can see him here in an exclusive pic. he's a good mate is Ruud but I think he's got a little confused in his message....I've already got a home! He knows that already, I dread(lock) to think what else he forgets...he is Dutch, so maybe he's been spending a little too much time in one of the Dam's Coffee shops, if you know what I mean...obviously my lawyers (Ruff Justice - "No Dog too small) have asked me to point out that he most definitely would only ever drink coffee in an Amsterdam coffee shop...but you get my drift.

Anyway, I have actually just heard back from a World Famous celebrity dog - more of that in my next post

For now...

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Anyone for Svennis?

Hey Flyer-lovers,

It's just a quick note, really.

I wanted to give my two penney worth on all the 'fakery scandals' that seem to be being reported in the papers at the moment. One minute GMTV, the next Radio One, then Blue Peter - they all seem to be conning their fans with stories that are not all they seem.

I just want to reassure my supporters that there will be nothing of the sort going on at . I would never resort to faking-up things and deceiving my loyal fans.

That was it really - oh, see above celebrity message I received only this week from my best friend in the world, Sven Goran Eriksson.

Peace. Love. Woof

Flying Frank

Friday, September 07, 2007

Dilly Dally-ing

Hey All,

Seeing as it's the start of the Rugby world Cup this weekend, I thought I would show you the message I received from one of my closest mates in the business - Lawrence Dallaglio ('Lolly' as I know him). From the time I have spent with him, I know he is desperate to bring home the bacon from France (DON'T get me started on the French!) and I hope he can. I've always had time for one of the most amenable guys in the game. he is such a clever guy - an articulated Lawrie, if you like - and I want to wish him and the other fellas the best for the World Cup. Come on England (apologies to all the Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Tongan followers) !

In other news, I am continuing to settle into my new domestic life. I had a great night out this week at the Mercury Music Awards. I've got a really close friend in the music business who invited me down (he's the dog in the HMV adverts, although I go way back with Amy Winehouse too, incase you were going to say it) - did we down a few bowls of water or what? We had an absolute ball and the only shame was that my oldest friend in the business - Snoop Dogg - didn't show. The rest of the week has been pretty straightforward - just a whirlwind of pup-lic appearances, after-dinner speaking and smelling my own produce. Like any other week, really.

Speak soon guys, increase the peace.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

Friday, August 24, 2007


Hey Ho my big dog-loving public,

Me again, the bad boy of the track turned bad boy of , er, Middlesex. Oh yes.

Just wanted to share with you another picture of one of the various hotties that stalk me morning, noon and night. Incase you are not sure, the picture above is of the UK's most prominent Magician's WAG - The lovely Debbie McGee. Not only is she the wife and assistant of hocus-pocus merchant Paul Daniels but she also loves doggies. Not alot of people know that. Me and The Mcgheeabantor go way, way, way back - she is a Diamond Mcgheezer, as is her old man to be fair (when he's not up to his old tricks!) .

If I ever need a Rabbit pulling out of a hat (mmmmm, rabbit), need slicing in half or need a little piff-paff-poofing, P-Danny and his Mrs are my men.

Just thought you might like to see dogging now...have a good bank holiday weekend everyone, love you all

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

Monday, August 20, 2007

Denise-y does it

Greetings Doggers!

Since the last time I blogged, I have undergone a quicker change than Nadia from Brother. After I got left Jono's kennels, I had to make the change from professional athlete to man-about-town, regular member of the public. Gone are the late nights, VIP (very important pup) passes and travelling everywhere by private Ford Transit Vans. Furthermore, now that I am out of the spotlight, no longer are the ladies trailing me, in the hope that they will be The Flyer's latest squeeze. Hee hee, just kidding...that last bit is a complete lie - of course they are. Apart from that, though, what I'm trying to say is that I have had to become normal little doggie with a normal little life.

To tell you the truth, I did struggle a bit at first and it has taken me a while to become domesticated.....yes, I do mean domesticated...and yes, I have been doing that...right in the middle of Sunday lunch last week (bit embarrassing).

It's not just that though, it's the pace of life that has taken me a bit by surprise, although there has been one bright light in my life since I became a homeboy...Denise Robertson, who I have a picture of above. For those of you that don't get to catch daytime TV, Denise is the Agony Aunt on 'This Morning' and is always on-hand to help people with their problems. Just seeing her on telly, helping people with their problems - be they ones of a personal or sexual nature, or just plain old genital warts - really helps me. Since I first saw her on telly, I got in touch with her and she has been able to help me personally. If you catch my drift. Because if there is one thing she is, it's a lady of considerable experience!

She has been helping people with their problems for years and let's just say that I couldn't have done it without Denisaldinhio (as I call her). She has been a great source of comfort to me as I try and slip into day-to-day life in my new home. There is alot to get used to, I can tell you.

Speaking of which, it's probably about time I got you a photo of how I am settling in. I will sort one out very shortly!

In the meantime,

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank PR

P.S. – The Flying Frank Facebook club is now up to 640 members!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Out on a Tim

Hello Flyer-Fans,

Well it's fair to say that retirement is being kind to me. when I announced a couple of weeks ago that my racing career was at an end, I knew there would be doubters. I knew there would be those who thought I'd be a failure. I knew there were those who thought my celebrity friends would desert me.

Well I've only gone and rubbed their noses in it with a picture from famous-as-famous-can-be-don't-you-know-who-I-am-Yes-Sir-you-ARE-on-the-guest-list Timmy 'Timbo' Mallett!

Timbo and I go way back and as soon as he heard about my retirement, he got back in touch. Contrary to popular myth, Timbo has gone from strength to strength since he has disappeared from Network TV. He performs live EVERY Friday and Saturday night (you can catch him at Liquid in Hanley on August 16th, followed by Pontins, Pakefield on October 27th) and he is also a massive star in Burkino Faso and The Gambia and is on both advertising billboards in Turkmenistan.

I guess the main reason for his message - and what a message it is - is to make sure I am OK and fully prepared for what the big old world has planned for me. Actually, he gave me a few bits of advice which I include here:

Timmys Top 5 tips for coping with life after fame:

1) Use the extra gaps in your diary to spend more time with your loved ones (believe me, the bitches in the kennels are already forming a queue for some Flyer Love for my next visit)

2) Don't let the doubters grind you down (exactly what I think Timbo - one mans ITV is another mans TV Travel Shop)

3) There is always Pontins in Pakefield

Unfortunately, Timmy's five tips are incomplete because they stopped there. Hey ho, he probably got called out to some important public appearance or meeting with a Television controller or some such.

Anyway, I only wanted to show the message cos I was so thrilled with it.

there's been lots going on with my new life, new home and new career. You never know, I might be sharing it with you some time soon!

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oooh Ahhh

The Media bandwagon rolls on....see the Daily Star Sunday announce my retirement this weekend. The dog and bone has been red hot!!!