Friday, September 08, 2006

A Sweeney Prod

Anyhow, been a very busy few weeks, my recent results looking promising...infact I have had two massive wins (& trophy's) in the last ten days, with my most recent victory coming last night down at the Stow. There were a few things that I was very pleased about from last nights performance:

1) My starting price was 5-1. That's a few more english pounds under my vest, let me tell you (and boy, did I celebrate - hair of the dog this morning or what!)

2) My biggest prize money to date - £175. That'll be sent home to the family in Ireland I can tell you.

3) I beat that Club Jewel dog. Always riled me has CJ, and it pleases me no end to be giving her an absolute walloping on an ongoing basis

The only fly in the ointment is that the boys and girls from Frank PR couldn't make it last night. They 'claim' that they didn't know I was racing...hmmm, not sure about that one. See you on Saturday Chaps/Chappesses?

Anyhow, seeing as this is my only day off before I race again tomorrow (Can you believe it?!), Jono has decided to let me get near the yaptop and post online. Imagine my delight too, when I log on and see that my good friend and Thespiana (for that is the correct term for a female actor) Claire Sweeney has decided to drop me a line (see above) as well as a photo of support. What a great girl she is - I know she is busy at the moment up on stage with that Fattrick Swayze fella in 'Guys & Dolls' but she is such a sweeneyheart and always has time for her old mucker, the Flyer. Infact, I could not make this any more Clairer than it already is - we are very, very close friends and whilst I can't divulge the exact nature of our relationship, I can tell you that only last week I visited her London hotel and gave her a right royal.....sorry, my lawyers tell me I have to stop there. A right royal shake of the hand, followed by a lengthly debate on Economic reform, I think is what they would prefer I say.

I need to get off now to go and prepare for tomorrow. Around 7.48 at Walthamstow if you're interested.Byyee for now...

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank