Friday, July 06, 2007

Out on a Tim

Hello Flyer-Fans,

Well it's fair to say that retirement is being kind to me. when I announced a couple of weeks ago that my racing career was at an end, I knew there would be doubters. I knew there would be those who thought I'd be a failure. I knew there were those who thought my celebrity friends would desert me.

Well I've only gone and rubbed their noses in it with a picture from famous-as-famous-can-be-don't-you-know-who-I-am-Yes-Sir-you-ARE-on-the-guest-list Timmy 'Timbo' Mallett!

Timbo and I go way back and as soon as he heard about my retirement, he got back in touch. Contrary to popular myth, Timbo has gone from strength to strength since he has disappeared from Network TV. He performs live EVERY Friday and Saturday night (you can catch him at Liquid in Hanley on August 16th, followed by Pontins, Pakefield on October 27th) and he is also a massive star in Burkino Faso and The Gambia and is on both advertising billboards in Turkmenistan.

I guess the main reason for his message - and what a message it is - is to make sure I am OK and fully prepared for what the big old world has planned for me. Actually, he gave me a few bits of advice which I include here:

Timmys Top 5 tips for coping with life after fame:

1) Use the extra gaps in your diary to spend more time with your loved ones (believe me, the bitches in the kennels are already forming a queue for some Flyer Love for my next visit)

2) Don't let the doubters grind you down (exactly what I think Timbo - one mans ITV is another mans TV Travel Shop)

3) There is always Pontins in Pakefield

Unfortunately, Timmy's five tips are incomplete because they stopped there. Hey ho, he probably got called out to some important public appearance or meeting with a Television controller or some such.

Anyway, I only wanted to show the message cos I was so thrilled with it.

there's been lots going on with my new life, new home and new career. You never know, I might be sharing it with you some time soon!

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank