Sunday, July 30, 2006

Busy Bee

Well it's been a busy time, the last few weeks or so.

You will notice that the last time I blogged was the 6th July. "Why so long ago?", I hear you asking (I have very good hearing you see and I can hear you asking that from all the way over here in Claverhambury).

Is it because The Flyer doesn't care about his fans anymore? No way, Jose. That's not the case, I need all the fans I can get (Jono's turned the air con off, you see)

Is it because 'The Regime' don't like this blog? It's true, they don't like it but there is nowt they can do about it, so worry ye not

Is it because The Flyer has run out of celebrity fans to put on YOU ARE HAVING A GIRAFFE. I have got more 'sleb friends than you could shake a stick at, but I choose to put them up in my own time. Mind you, I am still after the real-life Flying Frank Lampard. IF ANYONE SEES HIM, LET ME KNOW, I AM DESPERATE FOR IT.

No, the simple reason that I haven't posted is that I have been busier than David Beckenham's tattoo artist. Run off my feet I have been, with a mammoth six races in the last 24 days. It's busy this hurdling lark, but you won’t find me complaining. No Siree. It keeps everyone happy, not least of all the boys and girls who own me at Frank PR, who have seen me win again. My results in that time have been:

6th July - 5th place
8th July - 3rd place
15th July - WINNER
22nd July - 2nd place
27th July - 4th place
29th July - 5th place

Up and down results, I'll grant you, which is why it was good to hear from my good mate, Gaz, lead singer of the band Supergrass. His message reads "Flying Frank - you are a Superdog". Good lad - He's Alright, is Gaz. We met a few years ago and found that we had alot in common. We're young, we're free, and we both keep our teeth nice and clean, that sort of thing. And if anyone can name any of their other songs for me to make a couple of jokes about, let me know at

Right, best be off then. It's Sunday, which is visitor’s day at the kennels. It's the day when the owners of the dogs are invited to come and visit. Except my owners are probably too busy making some PR or whatever (they never write, they never call...).

See ya for now - and anyone who comes across Flying Frank Lampard, you know where to find me...

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Club Tool

Well, I didn't do fantastic in my race last week....fifth in fact. Never really got going from the start and my fast-becoming-nemesis, Club Jewel didn't fare much better. Luckily my handler, Dave the part-timer, kept us well apart at the track, otherwise CJ would have found himself getting well and truly Flying Franked.

Anyway, the wannabe, pretender-to-the-throne has sent me the following message:

Dear Frying Flank,

I see we’ve been scheduled for a re-match tonight. Bring it on!
The public just can’t get enough of us.
Don’t expect to get anywhere near that winner’s podium though cos there’s a spot reserved for me and there certainly ain’t room for the two of us.

I just hope you like the view of my backside - that’s all you’ll be seeing come 7.58.

I’ll treat you to hare ‘n’ chips after the race to show there’s no hard feelings.

See you tonight, Dog Breath.

Altogether now - 1,2, 3: WHATEVER!!

Yes, it's true, we are racing against each other tonight and I suppose it's a kind offer from CJ to treat me to hare 'n' chips after the race, although I can do without him rabbitting on all night. We shall see.

In any case, a really good mate of mine, Tricky Trevor Brooking, has sent a message in (see above) which should leave you in no doubt who his favourite dog is. Sir Tricky Trevalot (as I know him) is an old mate, not to mention loyal. Although you already know that, seeing as he played for West Ham for many years. Always went on about blowing bubbles. Strange fellow.
Anyway, on with the William Hill stakes, at the Stow tonight, 19.58pm - a trophy race, no less.
wish me luck!

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank