Monday, April 02, 2007

Read all about it

Well, now you know people, I have really hit the big-time now...fresh from my celebrity liaisons on the dance floor at Charlie Chan's, my cameos on WAGS boutique and my guest appearances on Dogtor Who (possibly all true), I have now transferred my fame over to the national newspapers. On Saturday, I sat down for my morning constitutional, with my usual two reads - The Daily Star and The Financial Times. Imagine my surprise when I opened the former and discovered a very familiar face staring back at me....That's right....and straight after looking at page 3, I flicked a little further back in the paper and saw that news on me and my celebrity fans was run over a full page!

I have attached the picture above so you can see it good and proper...what a wonderful thing to happen and you can see that there are pics of some of my best buds in the world. I tell you, soon after this appeared, the old dog and bone didn't stop ringing and the emails to have been plentiful too!

Anyways, I just wanted to log on quickly to tell you that whilst I am working my way through endorsement proposals, book offers and exclusive deals with OK! and Woof! magazine, I haven't forgotten about you, my fans.

Keep it all coming people!

Peace. Love. Woof.

P.S. - I raced in a trial last week - should be back in the traps shortly!

P.P.S. - A Big Lower-Thames-sized 'shout out' to my main homie and new Triple F (Friend of Flying Frank) Li-Harr for her efforts this week