Friday, December 22, 2006

The Other Flying Frank

Merry Crimbo my old chums. Actually, Christmas time always reminds me of...erm Christmas.

I don't think the above picture needs much of an introduction. Eager readers of will know that this is the celeb picture I have been after for a while, the big one - the other Flying Frank, Lampard, who named himself after me.

I was delighted that the Chels-flea and Eng-grrrrr-land midfielder has finally been able to admit he is a fan and show some overdue respect to the one and only Dog with a Blog. I mean, I am already good pals with alot of the folk over at Chelsea - like my close pal Didier Dog-ba and old Pedigree Chum John Terry-ier. Because of that, it was good to finally grant the young lad an audience with his idol. It all came about when I was doing some of my now-famous Christmas visits to those less fortunate than me. I am not sure whether it was the Mourinho-meister or not, but someone phoned up Jono, my trainer (and self-styled Abramovitch of the greyhound world), and asked if I would make a special visit to the Magic Lamp (as I call him) and some of the other underpriveldiged kids at Stamford Bridge who were feeling a bit blue (they have to work on Christmas day you know!).

As a result of my pep-talk with The Flyer ( not me, him) I took him down to see me at Walthamstow last week, where he could view a real champ in action. I think he got alot out of it (must be the Scampi, chips and pint which HE STILL HASN'T PAID ME BACK FOR)...and best of all, he got to see me romp home to a cheeky victory just before Christmas.

Actually, Christmas time always reminds me of the time I met Frank's lady friend, Ellen. ho, ho, ho and all that.

I don't have much more to say to you - if i don't speak to you before have a great Christmas and keep your eyes peeled for my next race.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank (The original and only dog with a Blog)

P.S - A big you-never-write-you-never-call-i-never-even-got-a-bleeding-christmas-card shout out to my owners at Frank PR who have just won 'PR Agency of the Year 2006' for the second year in a can check them out at