Friday, February 23, 2007

Roy the Boy

Now, I can see that instantly you may well have a few questions as you are reading the start of this blog. Well let me stop you right away pardner, and answer them:

1) No, I'm still not racing. It's been seven weeks now. Or, to put it another way, 45 days. That's 1015 in dog days you know.

2) No, it's not a waxwork in the picture. That is in fact the Grrright Honourable Gentlemen, Mr 'Raving' Roy Hattersley, or The Raver, as I call him. For those of you who are not sure, The Raver is a politician and was deputy leader of the Labour party for many years.

He's now retired and since then we have become good mates (we often get together for a Mass Debate). His message isn't a straightforward one as you can see, and touches a nerve actually. No, I can't read it either (but that's the Raver!) but it says something to the effect of "I hope that when you retire, they don't put you through the mincer". As if! The Raver obviously hasn't been down to the Claverhambury Kennels...Jono my trainer loves his dogs, we all get treated really well, looked after, fed properly etc etc. In fact, because I'm not racing at the moment, they have told me that if it is really getting me down, and if I am still not racing in a couple of months time, they will send me on an all expenses-paid holiday to Korea! You can't get looked after much better than that now can you?

I suppose the only other thing you probably want to know is WHY I'm not racing right now. To tell you the truth, this cold weather doesn't really agree with me. I am very much a warm-weather racer and if you look back at my statistics, you will see that I took a few weeks out on the beach at this time last year. In many ways, I should be a Barbados-based greyhound, but somehow I ended up in Walthamstow. Nevertheless, Jono tells me that a week or two and I should be back in fighting form. Flippin bored not racing at the moment, though! There is only so much Sudoko a dog can do! I've also been on a couple of dates as well (ALOT of women like the ruff and ready type) but I just can't wait to get back in the traps again.

Soon, hopefully. Paws crossed.
Peace. Love. Woof.
Flying Frank

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vaughan and Bred

Hiya - I won't lie to you, it aint a great time for me right now. For some reason, I'm not racing which, as well as meaning I am stagnating and not earning any money, it also means I don't have too much to write about on my blog.

I'm pretty down at the moment, I tell you - luckily though an old Pedigree chum of mine, England Cricket Captain Michael Vaughan, popped a message in the other day - you can see it in the picture, "You're a Vaughn winner", it says. Interestingly, he can't spell his own surname. Even so, me and the Vaughan-meister go along way back - we often sit around chewing the fat, sinking a few pints and taking the Michael out of people. He's a Vaughan winner that boy is and...and I can't say too much here...he certainly knows how to bowl a maiden over! He never seems to know where he is going though....sorry, the details are classified, but put it this way - his Dography is awful!

At least he has a left a message of encouragement which, in these hard times, is like manor from heaven for a mutt like can also keep them coming to

I hope and pray with all my heart that the next time I write I can tell you of news about my next race...fingers, toes, paws, everything crossed.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank