Friday, September 30, 2005

Cheeky Chappie

Well, you can see from the picture to the side of me that the celebrity backing for me, my blog and my campaign goes from strength to strength. The latest to 'pop' up is my good friend and music guru, Nicki 'Chappers' Chapman. I know that she is an avid reader of my blog, as shown in her 'jokes' written on her message - 'hope you're not feeling ruff', 'you're my pup idol' - hmmmmm, not sure about this. You don't see me sitting on a table in Tamworth leisure centre telling bad singers to aimlessly 'follow their dream', do you? No, that's right, I couldn't do it. Leave the gags to me, Chappers.

In any case, Chappers is a lovely lady and we have been friends for years. She has always given me some great advice about the music industry. She told me that the best way to connect with my audience is to firstly find a genre of music that will speak to people - in my case Rock 'n' (water) bowl - and secondly, to go out on paw, sorry, I mean tour. There may be a future for me in the music biz after I have finished my racing days - who knows? There is often talk about a collaboration with other dog-related acts, such as Snoop or Mutt-ya from the Sugababes but I am not so sure - it's a cat eat cat world out there and I might just prefer to spend the days lazing around with my friends at the kennel.

As far as the here and now is concerned, things continue to gather pace. There has been continued interest in me and my campaign to save the stow. If you haven't done so already, get your fingers clicking onto and help rescue the home of greyhound racing from the claws of some big nasty men. As far as racing goes, your favourite greyhound will be back in the traps soon. I am chilling this Saturday (Bollywood Buzz is on the Pakistani Channel - must see TV, so I asked Jono if I could skip the Stow for one week) but hope to be running again either next Tuesday or Thursday.

That's all for now.

P.S. - Big shout out to my good friend Chrissy C. Can't wait to see what you've got buddy!

Peace. Love. Woof.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Short notice

It was all a bit last minute, so apologies to my blog die-hards, but I ran again on Saturday night.
Jono kept it as a surprise as he knew I would get too over-excited if he told me in advance.

Being frank I would race every day if I could after having such a long spell on the sidelines out with injury. But Jono wants me to take it slowly and get my fitness levels up again. So there I was in trap 2 in the 475 metre A5 8.11 race at the Stow in front of packed house. When I say packed, I mean packed. How they can even think of knocking the place down and developing it into a housing estate is beyond me, given the amount of people that love a night out at the dogs? Remember, you can help prevent it happening by signing my online petition at now.

I've never run particularly well out of trap 2 you know and maybe its getting to me a bit mentally when I see my handler (usually Dave, although he's only part-time) approach me with that blue bib to wear. There was also a bit more pressure coming from the fact that the bookies were making me the favourite.

Anyway, there I was looking at my blue number 2 vest, pawing away a slight speck of sand picked up from the parade, thinking how much better I look in red with that nice number 1 on when those traps flew open. No wonder I got off a bit slowly and reached the first bend one from last.

But going down the back straight I felt my injury woes just disappear and I flew through the field. Coming up to the final bend I was right on the heels of Alfies Stream and looking forward to overtaking him and lapping up the glory of win number three. But Alfies an experienced greyhound and he cut me up half way through the bend. I lost a few lengths on him as a result but picked up the chase again when we hit the final straight. I just couldn't catch him before the line and he beat me by 1/2 a length. I was disappointed not to win, but the race did me a lot of good and on another day I would've done him.

Alfies gave me a sly little smile back in the kennels. Sure thing Alfies I thought to myself, just wait till next time...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Comeback race

Well, it was a good runout at least.

Following my injury, I had my comeback race the other day and the main aim - for me to come through unscathed - was achieved. A clear night at The Stow, the beer was flowing, the scampi and chips plentiful and the conditions perfect. Bit of a pity the stadium wasn't full - but then it's always quiet on a Tuesday. I felt pretty good on my way to the track and even though Little Dave the handler wasn't with me (he's only part-time), at least Jono my trainer was there with my owners from Frank PR (see picture - Jono's the one in the tie).

So the hare came round, the traps flew open and to be honest I didn't get a great start. I staggered, stumbled a bit and eventually found my line. I think that's known as a 'Pete Doherty'. I was a fair bit behind but, save for a little knock on one of the bends, I felt strong and I felt good as I crossed the line in third place. Not too concerned - like I said before, I just wanted to get back on track.

It now promises to be a very busy week which, naturally, I will keep you pupdated on. Please go to and if you've already done that, check out my webchat with my pals at The Sun Online -,,3-2005430009,00.html .

Have a good week people.

Peace. Love. Woof.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

The comeback trail

Hey people....Jeez Louise, these last two weeks have been hectic to say the least. Regular readers of will know that I have spent the last few weeks 'on my back' injured and, save for my appearance at Jordan and Peters wedding, I haven't really done all that much. You will recall that this followed my last race, where I sped out of the traps and got shafted by those hounds Woodlands Vieri and Show the Light. Fear not - they will be sleeping with the fishes fairly shortly.

To beat off the boredom of my convalescence, I started up the 'Save the Stow' campaign. There is alot to update you on this (in particular the small matter of your favourite Greyhound being splashed across the Newspupers - The Sun Online, Express and Walthamstow Guardian to name but three), but I will leave that for another day - in the meantime, make sure you sign up at and help salvage the home of Greyhound racing.

One of the few things that kept me going during those dark days was the good wishes from my friends, in particular those from olympic champion and BBC TV personality, Sally Gunnell. She really looks out for me and keeps me on track in my personal life. Before I knew Aunt Sally (as I jape with her), I thought Sally Gunnell was a golfing term but we have formed a close bond and I have no qualms about putting my feelings about her into (s)print. I know that sometimes she blows hot and gold about our relationship, especially when I have the runs, but I always jog her memory about the good times and we remain good friends.

Which leads me to the point that....I am back in the saddle again! Tonight is my comeback race at The Stow. I am in trap 2 in the 21.14, The Harlow Racing Stakes. There is £100 and a big daddy trophy up for grabs, but I just need a run-out to be honest with you. I don't want to play it up too much, but if I do win, I am thinking about having an open-top bus tour in Trafalgar Square. Will keep you posted and let you know tomorrow.

In the meantime:

- sign up at

- email me at and show that you care

- spread the word about the Flyer to all and sundry.

P.S - Big shout out to my good buddy Sam on the Greyhound Recorder in Australia!

Speak tomorrow.

Peace. Love. Woof.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Injury over - flying again soon....

I was back at The Stow yesterday afternoon. Jono took me down there for a time trial.

When you've been out injured for a while you have to run against the clock - not other dogs - to post a qualifying time and be eligibile to run again in competitive races. The good news is I was back to my speedy self, flew round the bends and should be back in contention for the real thing within the next 7 days. Look out for details of my next race: I'm fit, hungry and raring to go.

It was a lovely day down at The Stow yesterday and the first time I've been there in person since I kicked off my 'Save The Stow' campaign ( Hundreds of people have signed up to my online petition so far and being in E17 yesterday, looking around my theatre of dreams, taking in the atmosphere of the mecca of the dog world, brought back to me what an important campaign this is. So, if you haven't already, go and sign and let's stop in their tracks George Wimpey PLC's plans to turn the Stow into houses.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Save the Stow - sign the petition

These are very busy times indeed - and I need your help.

News has reached me that plans are afoot for the home of Greyhound racing, Walthamstow Stadium (AKA 'The Stow'), to be sold to a property developer called George Wimpey. Obviously, with over 70 years of heritage, it will be a massive blow to Greyhound Racing in the UK and an even bigger blow to your good pal, Flying Frank. I nearly hit the woof when I heard - I mean, where will I race if they get rid of the stow?

Not good news, I am sure you'll agree. Which is why I have decided to do something about it.

I have set up an online petition at

Please go there, sign it and then forward onto as many people as possible.

It will only take 2 minutes. My plan is to present this, in person, to both George Wimpey and the owners of the stow to convince them to change their minds.

Obviously, I have been deploying my celebrity pals to see what support they can lend and I am delighted that my good buddy Science - or the Sciencemeister, as I know him - has chipped in with a little experiment of his own. Someone said to me that I don't know him from atom, but that's not true at all. We have built up a great chemistry together and although I haven't spoken to him for a while (I kept him on the back bunsen-burner), I knew he would come through for me.

You can still keep up to date with all my goings-on here at but please, please, sign on at

That website again -


Peace. Love. Woof.