Friday, November 16, 2007

Ruud boy

Yo Flying Fans,

Hope you are all OK, as for me, well it's a pretty slow life these days. I am just chilling my boots in my home in Middlesex with my fellow doggies. Nothing like being a racing greyhound. I do sometimes reminisce about the days when Jono Coleman, my erstwhile trainer, would come round with the mustard, give me a little rub and off I went. Now, no such luck - although there was some talk of overseas travel, it didn't quite transpire in the way I had hoped. I got down to the final 50 celebs for 'I'm a celebrity', alongside Bubble from Big Brother, Floella Benjamin and Orville out of Keith and Orville. It didn't quite happen for me though and the Producers didn't select me in the - something about having enough dogs in there already?

Anyway, I was pretty devastated with that so I decided to go abroad anyway for some R & R. I headed to LA where I knew I would be able to see alot of my old homeboys. Of course, I couldn't possibly comment as to whether I saw David Beckenham, LA's most famous resident...but seeing as he used to be a glass collector at Walthamstow and I used to race at they say in LA, you do the math! Anyway, what I can tell you is whilst I was there I did bump into my old chum Ruud Gullit, who is now manager of the LA Galaxy. You can see him here in an exclusive pic. he's a good mate is Ruud but I think he's got a little confused in his message....I've already got a home! He knows that already, I dread(lock) to think what else he forgets...he is Dutch, so maybe he's been spending a little too much time in one of the Dam's Coffee shops, if you know what I mean...obviously my lawyers (Ruff Justice - "No Dog too small) have asked me to point out that he most definitely would only ever drink coffee in an Amsterdam coffee shop...but you get my drift.

Anyway, I have actually just heard back from a World Famous celebrity dog - more of that in my next post

For now...

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank