Friday, July 29, 2005

Victory number two - the lowdown

People - you know the score by now.

Last night I powered, or literally flew, to the second victory of my career. And the party is only just winding down. What a night - full of high jinks, booze and ladies (all above board though - no stroke-aine or anything like that). I really am a British full-dog after that bender.

It truly was a magnificent evening - nice balmy conditions and I was in trap 1, which is fast becoming my favorite. I was psyching out the other dogs - I could tell they were terrier-fied of me. Starting at odds of 6-1, I bound out of the trap and took the lead by the fist bend. After that it was full speed ahead to the finish line. I won in a record time of 39.74, therefore breaking that elusive 40 second barrier. I even beat my nemesis and rival Blonde Pearl.....oooh soooo arrogant.... stuffed it up you there mate, didn't I - Blonde Pearl? More like Blonde GIRL!! See you on the track soon buddy...

AND THEN THE CELEBRATIONS STARTED! My owners were there (hmmm.....didn't see those morons so often when I was coming fifth. They were busy don't you know?! and the recent £300 in prize money has no bearing whatsoever on it! That'll pay for another manicure or whatever, I'm sure...) and they came up to the podium with me, patting me, congratulating me etc. Dave the handler told me to smile, be nice and not be rude to them - something about an owner being for life, not just for Christmas...anyhow, once that was over and we had the pictures, got the trophy etc, I retired to my favourite hang out Charlie Chan's. Had a great night with my ladies, which I can't say too much about, except that on my way out someone pinched my wallet. Apparently police are investigating but as yet, they have no leads.

So there you have it....thank you so much to my supporters for all their best wishes. The 'Triple F' club (Friends of Flying Frank) is swelling in number and I would ask you to keep emailing me at

As well as your good wishes, I am running a special topic for all Triple F's this week, called 'ASK FRANK' can email me any question you like ranging from who my favourite model is to who my favourite Supermodel is and I will post them all up here after the weekend.... the whole capoodle, I promise, with answers! Get them in now -

That'll do for now - have a good weekend.

Peace. Love. Woof.

How I got on last night

'Nuff said.

Will post up the full story this afternoon, am feeling a bit worse for wear currently (hare of the dog and all that). Come back soon!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just a few hours until Race 9!

Hello fans,

Just a quick note really to remind you to look out for me in the 8.11 at The Stow this evening - will be on first thing tomorrow morning to let you know how I get on (and keep those good luck messages coming to

I also wanted to share with you the picture I recently received from my good friend, former England cricket captain Mike Cat-ting. He obviously saw the message from Brian Lara a few weeks back and wanted to get in touch......his message reads " To Flying Frank, Well done on your maiden victory".....hmmm, the truth is we used to get along very well, but Mike had a bit of trouble with boundaries and always used to prefer ducks. That one always had me stumped. Anyway, we go way back so it was good to hear from him...

That's all for now - I am on in a few hours and need to get my head down and start practicing the Bobby Davro Visualisation Technique. Apparently it comes with a safety guarantee - you will never end up in stitches.

wish me luck!

Peace. Love. Woof.


Monday, July 25, 2005

The life of a winner

Hello Fans,

I am loving life, people.

I am Da Dogs Danglies.

Forget these loser mutts who go through life winning the odd race. I have just won my first race and believe me, the sky is now the limit. Whilst the endorsement deals are being dealt with by the peasants at Frank PR (who, surprise of all surprises, came and visited me after my win - hadn't seen you for a few weeks!), I am free to go out and meet my adoring public - I mean, lets face it: Without the race fans who literally worship the track I run on, there would be no greyhound industry and therefore no Flying Frank. A real tragedy.

No sooner had I won my last race, and I was inundated with the usual requests. One such opportunity that I took up was to party hard with my good pal, Lady Isabella Hervey (who you can see above). The 'new face' of Playboy UK visited me with her doggie friend Chloe (who you can see was just a teeny tiny bit jealous of the rapport that me and Izzy share!). We had a great day together - we got our hare done together and then went for a drink at the Kensington Woof Gardens. I was glad we spent a day chatting - it feels like the entire pupulation of Great Britain is after me and it was good to speak to someone who understands the pressures of celebrity fame (and to spend some time with Isabella too).

However, I am now back in training and preparing for my next race. Talking of which, this occurs this Thursday night, at the Stow, at 8.11 pm. It is called the Gala Russell Square Casino Puppy Stayers race, although personally I do my gambling on The race comes with a prize of £200 and a trophy for the winner. Although I am in trap 1, it is an open race (meaning any Tom, Dick or Rover can compete) and over a longer distance, so I am being optimistically cautious.

I have had a great week and your calls and emails have really been a joy. Please don't be offended if I don't pick up your call - I am very cautious and always check my collar-ID first. I promised I would put a selection on, so here they are, including a message from my good friend Tim Campbell, the winner of TV's Apprentice.

These all came through via emailing me at . Please do the same, I appreciate every bit of encouragement I get.

So that's it, read and enjoy and I will see you Thursday! Don't forget to email me -

P.S - Must say 'hello' to my good friend Lynne who is a waitress at The Crown & Goose. I told you I would mention you!

That'll do for now,

Peace. Love. Woof.

-----Original Message-----
From: Timothy Campbell
To: Flying Frank
Subject: Good one mate!

Double F

Well what can I say? Brilliant news about your first win. It was just a
matter of time. After I saw you come second last Saturday I knew you could
do it! Shame I wasn't there to witness it first hand but I'm sure there
will be others.

Now from one winner to another everyone will be on you to tear open
envelopes and attend celebrity dos (hold out for your VIP pass to Crufts!!)
but my advice is to stick with the guys at Frank PR as they will sort you
out and look after you as they have me.

We'll have to do lunch mate. The bones are on me!
Take care. Enjoy.


FF says: Known to me as TC (but not to you, got that?!), it was really cool to get this email. Top Cat is a diamond geezer and I can't wait till we meet up for a bevvy soon.

The other two emails are also very sweet (Pipa and Goldie, you are joining my ever increasing Bevvy of bitches.)

-----Original Message-----
From: Pipa Unsworth
To: Flying Frank
Subject: Woofing Brilliant!!

Can't believe you did it! have been waiting so long for this moment! When I heard it was like a dream come true! I partied till the early hours of the morning in celebration!
Keep up the good work.looking forward to your next race.

Flying Frank - a legend in the making!
Keep it real.

FF says: Cheers Pippa, can't wait to see you soon. But please stop with the heavy breathing phone calls at 4am - little bit unsettling.

-----Original Message-----
From: Goldie The Dog
To: Flying Frank
Subject: You're my hero FF! I love you!

Dear Flying Frank,
You are the bestest dog ever, even better than Lassie and Snoopy! You are my
hero! I love you.

I read your blog everyday, over and over again, and love to hear your funny
stories. Oh, they make me....

**** web editor note - the following 1578 words have been dogleted from site due to explicit content****

Please write back and let me know. I would love to meet you in person.
Peace. Love (you). Woof.

FF says: Blimey, that's a bit close to the bone! Will still probably take you out though - any things another notch on the kennel door isn't it?


Friday, July 22, 2005

Flying Frank = WINNER

What a Night.

What a glorious, celebratory, key-swapping humdinger of an evening.

I don't think I have been this happy since Kelloggs reconsidered their decision and changed Choco Puffs back to their rightful name, Coco Pops. What a campaign that was...

Anyhow, back to the matter in hand. Yesterday, I ran in my eighth race, the 9.01 at The Stow. I was already feeling good as I stepped onto the track and when they told me that it would be delayed by about 90 seconds, I felt even better. I much prefer the cooler, more comfortable conditions at 9.03 to the hot, stifling, closeness at 9.01, so I knew this could be the one.

I got out of the traps well but got bumped on the first bend. No biggie friends, you can calm down. I then harried for the next 50 metres but just couldn't make any headway. Going into the final bend I was a distant third and then I turned it on big-time. In true Roy-of-the-Rovers style I stretched and strained every sinew and clawed it back - on the line infact, as you can see from the picture above (I am in the red). It took a couple of minutes to get confirmation through, but once I heard, I went ballistic. Some of my owners were there, I went for a drink with them and carried on partying after (more of that on Monday!).

I am a little tired now and so am going to go and get 40 winks (yeah right, who am I kidding? I've got a kennel-load to attend to first!) and will offer some proper analysis on Monday.

In the meantime, please send me your emails of congratulation to . I am going to collate all my messages and post them up here properly. I have already received one such message this morning, from my good friends at The Sun newspaper online. I thought you might like to see it:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: 22 July 2005 08:13
To: Flying Frank
Subject: RE: Next Race - This Thursday!

Congratulations from all of us at SunSport Online on your maiden win
But a word of caution - don't let fame and fortune turn your head.
Please don't change from the humble, down to earth "dog of the people"
we have all grown to love...


Cheers - I would reply direct but I am too busy sipping champagne, romancing the ladies and getting a pedicure. I am just rushing out to a meeting with a leading Hollywood agent so I will have to reply properly later.

But of course, no, I won't let it go to my head.

that's all for now - more news soon, but please, please, please email me at

P.S - Big shout to my buddies at Shame on you for only tipping a place!

P.P.S - Slightly louder shout out to Chas. Don't be shy - come and see me!

P.P.P.S - Loudest shout goes to my Majorcan Posse. They were surely dancing on the streets of Palma De Majorca last night!

Peace. Love. Woof.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Next Race - this Thursday!

Hello work colleagues, friends, countrymen and ex-conquests:

Quick note to let you know that my next race is this Thursday at Walthamstow, in the esteemed 'Email: studio@channel425' Stakes at 9.01pm. The Big time indeed.

I am running in Trap 1 and with the very best back up team behind me this could be the time I secure my maiden victory. If I win, my owners will hit the woof!

As I start my preparations, I thought you might like to see a recent email I have received from a good mate of mine, Saira from the TV series 'The Apprentice':

-----Original Message-----
Sent: 18 July 2005 21:44
To: Flying Frank
Subject: The Dogfather

Dear Frank,
I have been onto your website and I must say you really are a dude - If I'd known you were so cute I would have sent you something more than a quick note!

Anyway, would love to see you race - I think I need to give you some good tips about how to get ahead of the game - I am very good at motivating people and I think before any race a quick word in your ear from me will certainly send the wind up your clappers and you'll be running like Carl Lewis!

Let me know when you are next in the traps and I'll pop over to see you.
All my love


It's really nice to hear from an old buddy like Saz and I am pleased to say that I have emulated her feat by coming runner-up in my last two races.

I am also interested in finding out more about how she is 'going to put the wind up my clappers'. I think my lady friend's chilli beef stew is doing the trick already, thank you very much.

Sazza - if you're reading this (and I know you are) - come down on Thursday and whisper sweet nothings to me before I climb into the trap. I'm sure that will make me bolt like the wind.

See you all Thursday - and feel free to email me here or on

Peace. Love. Woof.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Race 7 - I'm getting there!

Well, I think I can now say that I am making some improvements. I had my latest race on Saturday night and I came in second. Let's forget for a moment that there were only three runners. Not only did I improve on my time of last week (I did the 640 in 39.71, as opposed to 40.09 last week) but I beat Armies Vixen, who is becoming a bit of a pain in the neck for me. We seem to keep bumping into each other (literally! don't think I forgot what happened on the final bend that time!), so I was happy to shove it up him. I was also proud of the fact that I secured my owners the princely sum of £40 in prize money, which will hopefully keep the wolves from the door...

So onwards and upwards it seems. I was delighted to see that my mates at are supporting me and have put me on their homepage. I was at home on Saturday night after the race, chilling out listening to some music when I found out. I was drifting away to the sounds of U2 - I just love the voice of Bone-o - and my favourite album 'The Joshua Flea' when I had a yearning to go online. And low and behold, there I was, pride of place on the home page! All in all a great end to a very positive week.

So I am going out to train now - what a scorcher eh? Some of the ladies in this kennel are wearing very little I can tell you! - and will let you know when my next race is. In the meantime, keep logging onto my page and let me know what you think.

PS - special shout out to my Majorcan posse - you know who you are!

Peace. Love. Woof.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And then Sunday got even better...

This is a picture of the lovely Lauren Pope who joined me after the race on Saturday. Bit of a cracker, eh? Whilst I have told you before that I am a gentleman, and that a gentleman never tells, I can say that we had a wonderful evening after she saw my appearance on Sky channel 425 in the 8.39.

They say that these type of people come crawling out the woodwork once you have been on the telly, but that's a load of rubbish. Lauren is a good pal and wherever she is around the world - be it New York, Paris or Stockton-on-Tees - she is always there with a shoulder to bark on. She is always telling me to quiet down - or to 'hush puppy', as she likes to say.

Our story is quite a nice one to share. There I was one day at a flea market (I always go there to get rid of my old wares) near my holiday home on the Isle of Dogs when I saw the prettiest face staring back at me. We both wanted the same bottle of Dog Perignon and from there a relationship was born. We got talking, went for a drink, listened to some Bark (is that how you spell it?) and now we regularly meet up to go to China Whites and the like, or simply stay in and tune into Watchdog. Sometimes we get together with a few of her friends and have a large one. No jokes about doing it doggy style please (she's not that type of girl).

So there you have it - I saw Lauren the other day and she asked me to put this message up. My next race is this Saturday night in the 20.53 - be there or be a cat!


Peace. Love. Woof.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Flying Frank is back...

Had a bit of a lie in on Saturday, tucked into my bowl of Frosties (me and Tony are old mates), settled down in front of Ministry of Mayhem, nothing unusual there.

Suddenly Jono comes bounding into the kennels clad only in his extra large M & S Y-fronts. He does that sometimes when he's a bit frazzled (or when he's had a big night on the Guinness). One of the other dogs barked to me that he could see a Colemanball which I thought was quite amusing.

Anyway, he came over to me and said I was running tonight. I wasn't at all prepared and I think that was probably in Jono's mind, he knows now that if I spend too much time thinking about my next race it gets me over nervous and affects my form.

He's like that is Jono: not only a great trainer, but his psychological approach to greyhound racing in my opinion is second-to-none. He continues to set new standards in his study of the mental side of the sport which is more important than most people think. He's the Arsene Wenger of the dog world in my opinion. Just the other day, after I'd trailed in fifth and felt quite down, he took the time to sit with me and remind me of his faith in me and how he believed I could be the best greyhound in the world if I wanted it enough.

And before I knew it I was there in the traps in the 8.39 at Walthamstow, running over my new preferred longer distance of 640 metres - with my mind right. But I was up against some stiff competition in the Zenon Security Trophy and dogs that had run nearly a second faster than me over that trip. Running for the first time out of Trap 1, I got off to my best ever start, hitting the first bend in third place. This time there were no bumps or baulks and I was - like it says on the tin - flying. With 200 metres to go I eased into second place and approaching the finishing line I was gaining, but alas not quite in time. I finished in 40.09 seconds (0.08 seconds behind the winner), comfortably the best performance of my puppyhood.

Whilst the Flying Frank of old would have celebrated with a glass or three of Monkey Shoulder, a great new whisky I've discovered (check it out at, the new Flying Frank went home, had his bowl of water, played a bit of barkgammon with his dog pals and was tucked up in bed before midnight. Dreaming of glory.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Race 5...and still alive (just)

My name is Flying Frank and I am a rubbish dog.

There. I've said it.

No better last night, I'm afraid. As usual, myself, Jono and the boys at Frank were full of optimism ahead of the big race but, once again, I failed to deliver. My record so far is:


Doesn't look too clever does it?

Whilst I know I am currently about as quick as Jade Goody, I know the tide will change and I just need everyone to get off my back. Take the boys at Frank - I had a quick chat with them the other day on the old cat and bone (we have to do these things, all tied up in the sponsors contract, see) and though they were positive, I could tell that they want me to start winning soon. I think it was the bit about them coming to chop my balls off if I don't that gave it away. They also told me to stop being a cry puppy.

I don't really want to dwell on last nights result but I thought I would let you know anyway. I have a big week coming up, so I need to focus. As well as training, I have to go to court tomorrow - I recently got a barking ticket.

Many thanks for reading this, please send me a good luck message and I will notify you of my next race.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Race 5!

Don't have time to write much, next race is Tuesday 5th July, 8.36 at Walthamstow. Place your bets on the Flyer!