Friday, January 12, 2007

Every nook and Dani

Hello Campers,

I hope 2007 has been treating you well so far. For me, well it's been a slow start to the year - one race (this last Tuesday) and I came fourth. Bumped by some mongrel on the bend, wasn't I? Darn it.

What's more, one of my very sexy lady friends has only gone inside the Celebrity big Brother House! That's right, Danielle Lloyd, Miss Great Bristol's herself, has gone and got herself on the telly. LUCKILY THOUGH....before she went in, she managed to send me a very special message, which you can see above.

The Playboy bit is of course a reference to the shoot she did for the magazine..she actually asked me whether she should do it..."what's the Big Bother" , I said? I suppose the rest is history but I hope that when Sigmund, as I call her( as in Sigmund Freud...Lloyd), leaves the TV show she still has time for the love of her life, The Flyer.

I'll tell you this - when we are together we have one Danielle of a time. When she's out, if she doesn't pick up the phone and give me a Davina McCall, I will no longer consider her a model friend. Doubtless she's made a few new pals whilst she's been in there, but as I was Leo Sayering to someone only the other day, she hardly leaves me (Carole) Malone usually, so I am sure she hasn't forgotten where her bread is buttered.

And as for that Teddy Sheringham chap she's 'dating' - she don't need a nip of Sheri when I'm a-hound, let me tell you!

That's all for now - keep it all coming to people. Love you all.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

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