Saturday, November 05, 2005

Live from the VIP section of Chans

I'm dedicated to this blog I am. Tonight at The Stow was another one of those nights I was born for. In the 2039 race I came out of trap 2 all motivated up (thanks to Mr Mo). Taking 2nd place after the first bend I picked my moment on the back straight and came flying through. All credit to trap 1 for pushing me to the max, but in the end you were no match for 'The Flyer' were you mate?! So another win means another party.

Which takes me to where I am now, in the VIP section at Chans, furiously pawing this message to my fans. Its been a while since my last victory and I thought I'd celebrate in style the only way I know. Quick shower after the race, splash on a bit of the old smelly stuff, on to meet some laydeees and down a bit of the bubbly. I've just taken a break from pulling proceedings to post this message to you and it feels good. Not half as good as some lucky lady here is going to feel later though. She may get a bit disoriented, as for her the fireworks are going to go on all night.

Peace. Love. Woof.

PS. Message to Jono - don't wait up for me tonight. ;-)


Lewis Mathieson said...

I personally think your dog will never, I repeat, never be the best dog in the world. He does not deserve his own blog. BOOOOOO, "WHO ARE YA, WHO ARE YA WHO ARE YA"????

pete said...

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