Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What a Carr-y on

Hello people,

I wanted to alert you to a couple of things that have been going down. Firstly, my owners at Frank PR had an absolute stormer of an evening last night at the PR Week awards ceremony. They won a trophy for the best consumer campaign of the year. If that's a bit gobbledegook for you, I think it basically means they are very good at PR. So congrats to them! Also my good mate, the comedian Jimmy Carr, was presenting the awards and as well as mentioning me on stage he also left a message for his old mucker, The Flyer.

Me and Jimbo (as I know him) go way back and share alot of history together. We first met in the fruit and veg isle of our local supermarket. He was buying some Carr-ots and I was looking for the Ava-Carr-do's. We just hit off and developed a close bond. Although he has mood swings (he can be a bit of a Jimmy Crankie) and is often a little difficult to understand (he's somewhat of a Jimmy Riddle) we share a lot of common interests. We both have a love of travel and often go to Carr-diff. Or Carr-digan. Or Red-Carr.

And guess what form of transport we use to get there? That's right....a motorcycle.

One with a side-carr.

He also loves animals - just look at the evidence. He is big mates with me, he writes in Zoo magazine and hosts a show called '8 out of 10 cats'. Mmmmm....cats. All in all, he's a great guy and I was delighted that he had the time to send his good pal this message.

Away from Jimbo, some quick news for my army of 'Triple F's': I am back racing, tomorrow night (Thursday), at 9.40pm. It's over 475 metres and I am coming out of trap 2. Not my favourite, but there you go. It is in the esteemed Chas & Dave testimonial race (They wrote their song 'Rabbit' for me - yummy) so I'll be doing my best. Keep an eye out.

Must get back to training now - later.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank

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