Friday, October 28, 2005

Al in a day's work

As I said in my last post, I would be providing all my Triple F's with a picture of a celebrity message. And here it is - my old time friend, BBC TV's Alan Hansen just pupped a message in the post to me - and what a corker it is. Big Al (as I know him) and I discovered some years ago that we have a lot in common and we have been buddies ever since. We are both professional sportsmen by profession, we are both housewives' favourites and we are both close mates with Gary Lineker ("Links" to us) - although I lost touch with him after he left Barkalona.

Big Al and I first met when he was playing for Liverpool. We just bumped into each other and found that we got on ferry, ferry well. Scouse about that? There were lots of doggie type people around Anfield at that time - for one thing Kenny Dogleash was the manager but he also played with Alan Kennel-edy and Greyhound Souness. As a legend of the game - and a European pup winner - I find comfort in settling down each week to watch big Al on Match of the Stray.

Spookily, I'm racing in 'The Liverpool FC Champions of Europe Stakes' tomorrow (trap 2, start time 21.21). Given the name of the race and the message above, I want to do it for The Hanster. Watch this space.

Peace. Love. Woof.

Flying Frank


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kitcatcandy said...

Hi Frank,

I was just wondering what would happen to you when your racing career is over?

Will someone at Frank PR be taking you in? or will you live in the kennels? or maybe there is nowhere for you to go?

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