Thursday, June 30, 2005

Back home

well, as you can tell from the title, I am back in Jono's yard following my recent break.

As I said before, I just had to get away, and even though my good friend Jeffrey from Rainbow was in town for one night only, I knew that Darlo was the place for me and that I would have to sack Jeffers off. He is quite content up above the streets and houses, flying high, anyway.

Darlo is the only place I can really call home, you know, where I can relax and where no-one judges me. Oh yeah, and they have women with extremely loose morals, but that has got nothing to do with it (and my deal with a national paper forbids me from telling you anyway).

So I am back, focused and raring to go. I know that my performances so far have been paw, but I am hoping to raise the standards next time I am on the track. Last Saturday there was a dog there who really got on my nerves. CJ his name is. He was giving it large in the kennels, let me tell you. There he came, strolling in with his bling and his bitches, romped home to a win and then took a particular lady I have a fondness for home with him. He also gives it LOADS about his celebrity owner - dontcha just hate that shallow name-dropping? I would never tell anyone about my close friendships with the likes of Girls Aloud, Jimmy Somerville and Virginia Bottomley.

He also nicked my bowl of water. Big mistake pal. Let me tell you mate - no one crosses me and gets away with it - I will see you on the track.

As for my next race, Jono has given me the weekend off to re-charge my batteries. I know that I need to start winning soon. If I don't I will start chasing my own tail - it'll be the only way to make ends meet.

I will let you know when I am next on - this coming Tuesday or Thursday I would have thought - but in the meantime, please support me by posting a message or emailing me at Better still, why not come down and see me? The dudes at Frank PR (AKA - the Cash cows, according to Jono) come, but I don't see many others - yet. Let me know.

For now though...


Peace. Love. Woof.


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