Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Sun - I love it

In the greatest partnership since Mr Golden got together with Mrs Retriever (you know what I'm sayin'), I have linked up with the Sun Online. It is already my favourite news-puper and since my good buddies over there at the online section asked me in for a webchat we have got very close. They even made up their very own, limited edition, front page (above - pretty nifty, huh?).

This also means that I am welcoming a whole new band of visitors to the site. A big shout out to all my new Triple F's (Friends of Flying Frank), especially to the chaps at who visited me at 4.55pm this afternoon - ahoy there, I bet you are a bunch of Legal Beagles!

To read all about me, and to submit your favourite question, click onto:,,3-2005370601,00.html

You can also enter an exclusive competition to win a trip down to the stow, to see me run, with my owners (apparently they are quite slow over 640 metres and prefer trap 2), so what are you waiting for?!

As far as last night goes, I would prefer not to talk about it. For the last 24 hours, it has been going around and a-hound in my head, replaying itself over and Rover again.

I had a massive crowd from Frank PR ( ) down there to see me run - nearly 20 infact - and I was feeling quite confident. One thing was getting at me though - before the race, I saw Woodlands Vieri and and Show the light having a little bitch about me, saying that my blog was rubbish and that my owners smelt bad, that kind of thing. So I came out of the traps and, lo and behold, Dogs 1 and 5 (and guess who they were!), both went across me, thumped me, whacked me up in the air and put me out of the race. I limped home last, several lengths adrift.

I don't think I have any lasting injuries (I used to suffer from Collar-flour ears) so hopefully all will be OK. To cheer myself up, I went down to my local barkade to play on the machines. All I can tell you is, these boys are no longer chums of mine and they had better watch out. Yeah, that's some fighting talk for you from the Flyer!

OK, so that's it for now people. And don't forget to send your questions into The Sun Online - I can't wait to see them, so get cracking!

Speak soon.

Peace. Love. Woof.


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